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Bangkok Dinosaur Planet


Dairy Open: 10:00 - 22:00. Ticket booth will be closed after 20:00.

Free entry for children under 90 cm. but not permitted to access Dino Eye.

Dinosaur Planet Beyond Nova in a heart of Bangkok. The collaborations among three major partners "Freshair Festival, Workpoint Entertainment, and Rightman" under a new company "FWR Company Limited". The investment of over 500 million baht, to create a new attraction in the heart of Bangkok(Empshere Sukhumvit 22).

Dinosaur Planet is more than just an entertainment destination. It is complete edutainment center in ASEAN. Perfect for all the family members.

Dinosaur Planet will take you back in times to the ancient world of dinosaurs, where they’re come back to live. Visitors can experience various types of dinosaurs and enjoy exciting presentation techniques, memorable activities and world-class performances.


Dinosaur District

Get to Know the dinosaurs, where you can learn about dinosaurs through multimedia technology. Explore the skeletons of Brachiosaurus, Triceratops and Stegosaurus at Big Bone Gallery and watch dinosaur eggs hatch at Dino Lab.

Stars of Dino

Travel back in times to the land of Dinosaurs, where they are still roam the earth and experience all the three historic periods of dinosaur – "Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous". The adventure journey among, the biggest, most ferocious beasts in history.

Dino Eye

The only one in the world, to experience "Crystal Capsule on a Giant Wheel", over 50 metres off the ground, and be mesmerized by the views of the prehistoric world, the ocean, the vast land and the sky view.

4D Deep-World

Explore the under ocean world, millions of years ago, a dangerous zone no one has ever visited. Stimulate your senses as you watch battles of dinosaurs in 4D Simulator.

The Great Volcano & The Extinction Live Show

The exciting of a volcano erupt in the prehistoric world, with dazzling light and sound technology in The Great Extinction Live Show. Learn about the world millions of years ago and discover the dinosaurs' attempt to survive The Extinction.

Raptor X-Treme

Get your heart pump in dangerous mission of challenge where you brains and speeds will be tested! Featured by the Raptors.

Dino Farm

Enjoyable of dinosaur ride and explore a Dinosaur farm "Triceratops, Apatosaurus, Ankylosaurus and Anchiceratop". Planted a seed of inspiration in young paleontologists in a zone in which they can dig up T-rex fossils and learn about dinosaurs through interactive games.


Private Transport - The Emquartier Car park available at the Emquartier and Emporium(conditions apply).

Public Transport - Phrom Phong BTS Station(Exit 6).

Tour Price

Adult Entry Pass

฿ 510/Person

  • Price: 510 ฿
  • Full access permitted
  • Additional charge for Dino Eye

Child Entry Pass

฿ 340/Person

  • Price: 340 ฿
  • Height between 90 - 140 cm.
  • Full access permitted with an accompany of guidance
  • Additional charge for Dino Eye and Dino Ride

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